Announcing Mr. & Mrs. Haab!

She met him one day through her cousin who was on the same hockey team as David. They went on a date, and then another, and another. It wasn’t the most ideal situation, as she lived in Heber and he was in Springville, but they’re desire to be together was greater than the distance. They commuted back and forth until they graduated from high school and both found themselves at the University of Utah. Now they’re both going to school. Hannah is studying to become a chemistry teacher and David is studying electrical engineering and they are both excited to start this new journey together!

On July 9th, 2016, family and friends gathered at the Highland Gardens to celebrate the big day with them.

Hannah’s bride’s maids put together a photo story book and gifted it to her as she was getting ready.

Hannah had a tender moment remembering her grandma who recently passed away. She had a blue hankie pinned to the underside of her dress with a piece of her mom’s wedding dress and a photo of her grandma to keep her in remembrance for the day.

Aaaaand their first look. David was more excited than Hannah, if that’s even possible.

We were working on getting a nice romantic shot when David had to sneeze and Hannah just busted up.

Hannah was absolutely stunning…. and that DRESS!! I just can’t!!

I’ve just got to say, the flower designs were probably one of my top favorite so far. Macie Redd did an incredible job.

I love how Hannah’s mom just adored her with her daddy.

And here’s some photo booth fun!

Congratulation you two!! Here’s to forever!!

Florist: Macie Redd @saltandflora

Photo Booth: Katie B. with Utah Jive

DJ: Anthony LaGuardia

Hair and Makeup: Ashley Starkey

Click here for Hannah and David’s Engagements



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