LeBaron Family | Utah State Capitol Spring Blossoms Family Session

When we first got to the Utah State Capitol for our spring blossoms family session, it was early in the morning, and for a good reason too! It’s near impossible to get any shots like this in the evening because of all the people that are there walking around and picture taking! But because it was early and cold (can you see the frost on the grass??), the kids weren’t exactly thrilled to take their jackets off and get their photo taken.

But I have 3 little children and I just love kids!! So it really didn’t take much to get them super excited to play with me! We talked about princesses and winning soccer games. We danced, ran, played, and laughed the whole time!!

As much fun as I had with the cute cute kids, I love taking pictures of mom and dad the most! It’s crazy how as you grow into your relationship, have kids, start running around to meet demands and responsibilities, the snuggles, hugs, and kisses tend to slow down between you and your spouse.

One of my FAVORITE parts of photographing seasoned couples, is asking them to get all snuggled up and give each other a kiss. They can’t help but squirm and giggle! And I just LOVE watching them reconnect in that moment and rediscover what all started it in the first place!

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