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Cut to today, and I’m living the dream with my four kiddos, my husband, and our teacup golden doodle, Maple. 

When I’m not behind the camera, you can find me lifting at the gym, ordering takeaway from Crumbl Cookies, and enjoying the incredible Utah outdoors. At the end of the day, I’m #makingthehappylife day in, day out. And I wouldn’t trade it for a thing.

It was this work that gave me solace I needed during the days it was tough to rise above. 

Time is the greatest thief there is. Photographs are a powerful reminder of who we are and where we’ve come from. It’s our duty to show up authentically–not just for ourselves, but for our legacy to follow. 

You can say I take this game pretty seriously–and for good reason!

The early years of my business had me stuck in survival mode. I was struggling through a marriage with a spouse addicted. Then came divorce and finding safety for my children. Add on top of that a growing business, a new home, a new marriage, and two new children in the mix. As my husband finished out his studies, I stepped in to lead the household while he was buried in schoolwork. I should have felt like I had it all, but in reality, I was burnt out and managing little above the bare minimum.

Here’s what I believe:


"Rachel was SO great to work with! We got engaged right before the pandemic started and even with everything crazy going on, she was super flexible and we were able to have all of the beautiful pictures that we dreamed of."

From: Lauren + Tanner

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"It was her personality that entirely won me over. She genuinely wanted to know us, so she could capture the moments that meant the most to us."

From: Cris + Abbey

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With seven years of luxury wedding and portrait photography in the rear view, I’ve worked to perfect my signature approach to classic moments, candidly captured. 

How’d I do? Flying colors? Then keep reading. 

Let’s see if I’m right...pop quiz style.

You seek joy at every opportunity. No moment is too small to be celebrated!

You’ll always opt for timeless over trendy. 

You’re no stranger to meaning-making. Photographs are one way of cherishing just how far you’ve come. 

You know that confidence is everything in a photographer. At the end of your wedding day, you deserve to rest easy knowing that everything played out just as you hoped it would–and that includes your wedding pictures. 





Because you’re here, I already know we’re going to hit it off. 
You and I have got a lot in common (I can just tell)!


For the love of photos that’ll outlive Instagram 

She was never part of our “plan,” but what are good are plans if they don’t allow for the occasional sprinkle of spontaneity? Maple is the perfect, furry playmate for our kiddos (and allergy friendly, which is a must for our oldest). 

Maple, our Goldendoodle, is the member of our family we never knew we needed


The first time I felt truly free when I realized I didn't have to have all the answers. But in the moments where I seek to know the truth, I find comfort and clarity in stillness, prayer, and quiet contemplation. My family and my faith remind me that my life has purpose, and every day I set out to leave the world better than I found it. 

My faith is what empowers me to blaze my own trail


Everyone needs a place to leave it all behind. For me, it’s the gym. In the beginning, hitting the weights was a strategy for getting healthy–a means to an end. Now, it's my therapy, my me time, and one of the few places I can quiet my mind. My fitness regime is where I challenge myself and where I aim higher no matter what might be holding me back.   

When I’m not behind the camera, I'm hitting the gym.




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With love, encouragement, and mastery of my craft, I empower you to be sentimental without shame as you celebrate every season of life. These are the days. You deserve to document every moment as beautifully as can be. 

These words have been used by countless clients and throughout my career to describe the work I create. Get ready to see your legacy made eternal through photographs as inspiring as you are. 

I believe 

In photography

Photographs will remind you what was, what is, and what your legacy will become. In seasons of abundance, they’ll be a daily reminder of all you have to celebrate. On the bad days, they’ll empower you to forge ahead through your deepest valleys. 
Photographs are irreplaceable. Photographs are treasures. No matter the reason and no matter the season, photographs are everything to your family (and then some).

No matter how many families I’ve documented over the years, my feelings haven’t changed one bit: I wholeheartedly believe in the power of photographs. 

As time wears on,

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