7 Mistakes You Want to Avoid When Proposing

January 20, 2020

7 Mistakes You Want to Avoid When Proposing

Proposing to the person you want to spend your life with is a big step in your relationship. So big, in fact, that you really want to get it right!

If you’re hoping to surprise your soon-to-be spouse and bring out some heartfelt, genuine emotions (think: happy tears!), then you’ll want to make sure you avoid these marriage proposal mistakes when you pop the question:

Rachel Lindsey, a Utah county photographer

1. Proposing on a Whim

Take some time to think about all the details and come up with a plan for the proposal. It’s definitely not something that should be asked casually or half-heartedly. Look ahead on your calendar to begin strategizing the right moment.

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2. Not Considering What They May Want

Is the love of your life someone who would love to have family and friends present? Do they love big gestures like flash dances or surprise parties? Or do they prefer more simple moments in private with you, such as watching the sun go down after a hike?

Knowing them well enough and keeping their personality and values in mind as you plan out the proposal is absolutely key in making the moment truly special for them.

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3. Taking the Wrong Advice

Chances are your friends and family may have a lot of ideas and opinions to give about how, where, and when to propose. Although it can be helpful to hear them out, don’t take all the wrong advice without listening to your heart and gut about the way you think you should propose.

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4. Forgetting the Ring

This one is pretty important, especially if you’re planning a proposal on a trip or adventure somewhere outside of town. Forgetting the ring at home might be a quick fix if you’re nearby, but isn’t so easy to resolve when you’re hundreds of miles away.

Finding a Utah Engagement Photographer to capture your proposal

5. Telling the Wrong People

If you know there are a few people close to you both that are terrible at keeping secrets — and you want to make sure that the proposal is a complete surprise — then they’re definitely not the ones you should tell your plans about.

How to have the perfect proposal

6. Choosing a Bad Time

Whether they are neck-deep in a stressful project at work with tight deadlines or they’ve suddenly become down with a cold, this may not be the right moment to pop the question. It might be helpful to keep some level of flexibility in your plans, in case the schedule needs to be adjusted last-minute.

Proposing mistake to avoid!

7. Not Having the Moment Captured on Camera

Secretly document their reaction! Hire a professional photographer to sneakily capture your proposal from a spot nearby. It’s also the perfect chance to turn the moment into an engagement photography session, right as you both are beaming with happiness!

Plus, if the moment is more private, your family and friends will love to get a glimpse of the proposal after the fact.

How to propose to the love of your life and mistakes you want to avoid!

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If you’re considering proposing, Rachel Lindsey Photography creates bright, emotional, and authentic images for couples in Utah and would love to talk with you about your proposal ideas. As a surprise bonus, when you book any wedding collection with her, she’ll photograph your proposal for FREE!! Reach out to Rachel today to capture it all on camera!

7 Mistakes You'll Want to Avoid When Proposing



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