Aleigh + Tyler Salt Lake Temple and Le Jardin

December 17, 2016

Once upon a February at the BYU Wilkinson Center, Aleigh and Tyler found each other sitting at a table among friends. At the time, Tyler was having a great conversation with Aleigh’s friend so she put her ear phones on and kept studying. Every now and again, Tyler would ask Aleigh a question, she would answer, and then continue her studying. Eventually Tyler got up and left and that was that. Little did Aleigh know, Tyler went on his way determined to find out more about Aleigh and ask her out.

With her name, he tried to find her on Facebook which ended up a dead end due to the unique spelling of her name. Then off he went to the BYU student directory with her last name. It was there that he was able to find how to spell her name which led him to find her on Facebook. With high hopes of getting her number, he started talking to her through messenger. Through his witty charm, he won over her number and eventually her heart. Their first date was at a crepe restaurant and so crepes were served at the wedding!

They were married on December 10, 2016 in the Salt Lake Utah temple. It was a special place to them because Aleigh’s grandpa used to be the temple president and was able to perform their sealing ordinance.

If you’ve heard the song “Dancing in the Rain” by Hillary Weeks, then you know that this is Aleigh. She spent her wedding day dancing in the rain and found so much joy in it. My two favorite highlights: When she came out of the temple, he smile was too big for her face and she exclaimed “I just love SO MANY PEOPLE!!” She just couldn’t contain her joy and excitement!! And when you see the rest of the photos, you’ll see that on her face. The second highlight was when we were taking photos by the reflection pond and she said “I just LOVE that it’s raining on the reflection pond! I love the rain!”

Besides her sweet and caring personality, I absolutely love how stunning and graceful she is. She really is an incredibly beautiful bride.

Tyler already knows this, but he is a luck man. Not only is Aleigh incredibly BEAUTIFUL, but she knows how to dance in the rain and set worries aside and enjoy life. And Aleigh is in for a treat because Tyler is just hilarious!

When Tyler proposed, it wasn’t just your typical get down on one knee and pop the question. He made Aleigh work just a little. One Sunday afternoon Tyler informed Aleigh that he would need to drop her off early because he was meeting with her dad to ask for her hand. Aleigh was over the moon! Once she was dropped off, she quickly received a text from Tyler telling her to look under her kitchen sink. To her surprise, she found a little puzzle of a puppy that she had to put together and in the dark too, because the power was out. On the back of the puzzle was her first clue which led her to Tyler’s mailbox. In the mailbox she found a crossword puzzle he had made – all the clues were about them. The next step was decoding an address which happened to be the place of their first date. The final clue let her to a special place where they used to lay in a hammock, looking at the stars. When Aleigh arrived, twinkle lights lit up all around her with pictures of them hanging from the surrounding trees. On the ground, more lights formed a heart. From behind the trees, Tyler emerged with a dozen roses and an adorable smile. He was so nervous that he actually dropped the ring! And of course he asked for her hand, and of course she said yes.

Their reception was held at the lovely Le Jardin Rose Shop in Sandy, Utah. Beautiful greenery and twinkle lights filled the beautiful green house.

There were two major highlights of the evening. The first was Santa Claus!! Every one was so surprised as it was completely random and unexpected. The second special guest was none other than Alex Boye’. Turns out Aleigh used to babysit his kids all growing up and requested that he sing their first dance at the reception.

Congratulations you two!

HMUA: Buggy Douglas Cowley
Video: Black Crystal Pictures
Flowers: Brown Floral
Tux: DC Tuxedos
Dress: The Perfect Dress – Utah
Venue: Le Jardin



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