Alex + Jeremy | This is the Place Heritage Park Formals and First Look

Jeremy stood there, his back to his bride-to-be. His knees were probably trembling. His eyes were closed. His heart was pounding. He inhaled and exhaled slowly, attempting to calm all the excitement and anticipation that felt as if it were going to make his heart burst.

Alex shifted her weight and fiddled with her hands. Her smile stretching from cheek to cheek.

With one last deep breath, he turned around. And in that moment, his breath was taken from him. He couldn’t speak and his eyes welled with tears. Alex was more beautiful than he could have imagined as she stood there in the golden, dreamy, light. And all at once…. time stood still.

They had been planning for months and waiting for years. And this moment, this moment when he first saw his bride, was the moment that made it all real. The first step towards those promises their hearts had been longing to make to each other.

This is the Place Heritage Park was special to them, because it was the place they were getting married. Their first look and formals might as well have been from a dream. You couldn’t even tell that the wind was blowing and hair was flying all around. Alex said about her experience:

“I’m convinced you’re a wizard! It was so windy that day I thought the photos were gonna turn out awful but you can’t even tell! I’m sooooo glad we chose you as our photographer! You laughed with us and made it a very comfortable experience!!”

Alex looked so beautiful in her wedding dress and Jeremy was so handsome in his suit.

Wedding dress: David’s Bridal

Hair and Makeup: Courtney Fox

Tuxedo: Ritz Tuxedos



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