Amy + Joseph | Salt Lake Temple and Joseph Smith Memorial

February 28, 2018

After checking the weather multiple time during the week, I felt confident that we would have sunshine and a beautiful wedding day. But, if you live in Utah, you know how unpredictable it can be. December 16th was an absolutely freezing, windy, and snowy day at the Salt Lake City Utah temple.

Joseph and Amy were a special couple to me, half because of similar life circumstances and half because Amy just had the most amazing pixie cut that I’m so jealous of. They both came together after being divorced and both brought with them kids. Together, they have a huge happy family. All the kids were friends before Amy and Joseph got married and are now happy to be siblings.

Between Amy’s amazing hair cut, her choice of colors and flowers, and the fact that she also married a Joseph, she’s basically me as an older bride. I seriously want to grow up and be as awesome as she is! And look at this amazing family that they have together!! So many fun adventures await them!

After almost dying of hypothermia (Amy is seriously the best sport ever), they had a beautiful warm and Christmassy dinner in the Joseph Smith Memorial building where they got to celebrate with family and friends.



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