An Extended Family Session in the Country

September 1, 2021

Extended family session out in the country with Rachel Lindsey Photography

When the photographer shows up and every one is offering you a cocktail, you know you’re in for a good time! This extended family session out in the country is one that’ll go down in the books as an all-time favorite! Everyone was from out of town and decided to have their family reunion in the beautiful foothills of the Uintah mountains. They spent their days drinking cocktails, watching sports, letting the kids run around and sit in the hot tub. Anything they did was so they could have fun. And their extended family session with me was no different!

Every extended family has a lot of people and more often than not, a lot of kids. And it can feel really crazy and chaotic! So I keep all of my extended family session to an hour or less!! That’s all the time we need! And this family especially loved that. There were those in the group who loved getting their pictures taken, and then there were those who wanted to get back to their cocktails and drinks.

For the short time that I was there, they absolutely brought the fun! They were laughing and cracking jokes the entire time! And by the end of our session, I wanted to stay just because they were so hilarious and FUN!!

Extended family session in the country
After a life time together, still having the best time of their lives!
Family session out in the country
Extended family photos in the country
Utah Extended Family Photographer
Extended Family Photographer in Utah
Extended family photos in Utah
Summer family session out in the country
Summer extended family photos

If you are looking for an extended family session in the country, I would love to talk to you! Fill out my contact form and let me know more about what you want to plan!

Extended family session out in the country with Rachel Lindsey Photography



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