Aubrey + Joseph’s Aspen Grove Formals

June 8, 2017

Getting to know these two was such a joy!! I took them out for a smoothie and chatted with them for a solid hour and enjoyed every second of it. My favorite part was learning how they met! Aubrey had done a study abroad in China and Joseph was on BYU campus trying to find people who spoke Chinese so he friended Aubrey and basically stalked her for a while. Eventually when she got back they started doing stuff together and now all of this beautiful stuff!!

We did their formals up above Utah’s Sundance Ski Resort at a beautiful field called Aspen Grove. It was just green enough to make beautiful photos, though it was not nearly as warm as it looked!

And Aubrey is amazing. It was so fun to talk to her about her wedding vision and all of the cool things that she was taking on to make it come to life. She’s so talented in so many ways. My favorite thing was the beautiful bouquet that she made herself.



  1. Aubrey Zhang says:

    Thank you so much, Rachel! The pictures look amazing!

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