Baby Genevieve | In-Home Newborn Session

February 18, 2020

Hi!! I’m Rachel Lindsey, SLC newborn photographer and expecting mother! The clock is ticking and I can hardly stand it!! In two days will be my baby boy’s due date but I’ve got a feeling that he’s going to make us wait to meet him.

All things considered, I feel very blessed. The vast majority of pregnant women are uncomfortable and often downright miserable. But this has by FAR been my best pregnancy!! I attribute it to exercising the whole time. With that said though, it’s always rough, not knowing how to plan and counting down the days until you can meet your precious little one.

So while I’m waiting, I’ll just be sitting here fawning over other beautiful newborns that I’ve been able to photograph!

One of my favorite parts of being an in-home newborn photographer, is my tired new mothers get to enjoy their own homes and space while I work with baby! They can lay on their beds and nap, or take care of few neglected household tasks, or they can sit and watch me patiently pose their baby. It makes everything so comfortable and relaxing, especially if your little one needs their little bellies filled or diapers changed.

Meet baby Genevieve!! She was just the sweetest and gave us some of her beautiful smiles.

If you are looking for a SLC newborn photographer for your in-home newborn session, I would love to talk to you! Fill out my contact form and let me know more about what you want to plan!



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