Chelsea + Markanthony | Davis Conference Center Wedding

November 20, 2018

Together they sat in tears, holding each other. It was the end of one of their most cherished chapters in life, and yet the beginning of another beautiful chapter. She was the reason that they met. She was reason that they fell in love. It was her life that gave Chelsea and Markanthony a life… together.

She brought him into the world. She taught him how to be kind, how to care, how to give. She raised him to be a good man. The kind of man that Chelsea deserved. She was called one of the most common names, yet there was nothing common about her. She was Mom.

Chelsea was her caregiver, helping her through her last days here on earth. When Markanthony saw her for the first time, it really wasn’t the first time. He had met her before in dreams. And when he saw her, he immediately knew “this is the one.”

With the passing of his mom, their courtship began. A bitter-sweet with the happiest of endings that is yet to be discovered.

In the days and weeks leading up to their wedding day, the weather forecasted the sky to be crying. But Markanthony kept saying “It will be good. On our day, it will be good.” It’s almost as if his confidence dried up the tears and on their day, it was good. There was beautiful, golden, dreamy light pouring through the courtyard. Perhaps it was even Markanthony’s mom, pouring out her love and happiness.

The day that Chelsea walked down the isle at the Davis Conference Center, was one that they had both long awaited. Through their engagements and their formals, their love and anticipation grew till that day arrived. That day when Markanthony stood holding his breath, clasping his hands. She stepped out from behind the curtain, and with one deep exhale, his eyes welled with tears, his mouth fell open, and he watched intentionally as his bride walked down the isle.

There was not a dry eye. Their journeys of pain and heartache that led them to each other, were well known. The gratitude pouring from all hearts was tangible.

Their wedding day was beautiful, in all ways. So much hard work from so many talented people, all bringing their craft together to create a day that Chelsea and Markanthony will never forget. The beautiful florals with soft blush and bold maroons, the stunning dress, the tailored suit, the beautiful and delicious cakes, it was all perfect.

But it’s not the details and the beautiful things that held me captive.

I’ll never forget when Chelsea’s brother stood for his speech. His hands trembling, and his knees probably shaking, and with tears in his eyes, he thanked Markanthony for being the first man to walk into Chelsea’s life that treated her right, the way she deserved. He poured out his heart to his sister, told her how much he loved her. He thanked her for being a stronghold in his life. For helping him through hard years.

And I’ll never forget the moment it was time for the groom to dance with his mother. With his sister’s hand in his, they slowly walked out to the dance floor. I’m certain that in those moments, they longed for their mom and at the same time, felt her there. I don’t believe it was just the two of them dancing. I imagine that their mother was their, her arms encircling them both.

As the music played, the tears flowed. What started as dancing, turned into a long embrace. As brother and sister, weathered by the storms of life, their love for each other was unbreakable. I watched as she held Markanthony’s head and kissed his cheek. Through my own pouring tears, I was filled with gratitude to be able to stand witness to the most beautiful relationship between a brother and a sister.

Markanthony and Chelsea, it was such an honor to document your beautiful relationship and to capture such precious memories for you. Through watching you and your families, I learned how I could love a little deeper and a little more selfless. I’ll forever cherish the time that I was able to spend with you, preparing for your wedding day. I just know your life together will be amazing and it was reaffirmed as I listened to family tell Markanthony to smash the cake and he calmly replied “Her face is to be respected.”

Chelsea, you are in good hands.

So much love to you both!!

Dress: Fantasy Bridal

Florist: Dancing Daisies Floral

Cake: Holly Farnsworth with Happy Holly’s Cakes

Venue: Davis Conference Center

Hair and Makeup: McKenna Bigler and Jessie Nicholls



  1. Ellen says:

    How beautiful. It made me cry. Wish both the best life has to offer.

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