Chelsea + Markanthony | Meadow and Lakeside Utah Engagements

October 8, 2018

It has been such a JOY getting to know these two better!! When I first met Markanthony at our initial consultation, I could see how he was a perfect fit for my friend Chelsea. All the things he said, the way he looked at her, and his respect for her, would make any girl happy for life. And that is exactly what Chelsea deserves!! He was so kind and authentic, but very formal. So when he brought all his playfulness to their engagement session, I was blown away!! I seriously couldn’t get these two to stop laughing! I had to try and grab all the little quiet moments because they were short lived!

And Chelsea… oh my gosh. That girl has the most stunning eyes and lips!! When I say “soft smile and eyes here” it’s like BAM!!! Super model status!! When ever I try and do that, I just look mad hahaha.

Between the two of them, their engagements were so perfect. It was so hard to choose my favorites to pass on to them and then choose my favorites to share with you! We went to one of my favorite locations in Layton Utah that features beautiful grass lands as well as a small lake. The best part about this place is that during this time of year, there are tons of those cute little yellow wild flower daisy things. They are so beautiful.

So here is Chelsea and Markanthony’s engagements!! When we were done with their engagements, I knew their formals were going to be amazing and perfect. Just wait… I can’t share them yet, but I’m on the edge of my seat waiting till after their wedding to share them! I maaayyy have already started that blog post.



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