Chelsea + Zach | Kathryn Albertson Park, Boise ID

June 2, 2018

To all of you who have been searching, waiting, and longing… I have a message of hope for you! But first, I have a story…

Once upon a nine months ago, a beautiful girl named Chelsea had been driving along in a small town with her friend, who needed to go to the bathroom. So along their merry way, they stopped at a gas station and went inside. While they were there, a little 2 year old boy came up to Chelsea to ask for candy.

I can only imagine exactly how things went after that, so here’s my version:

Chelsea looked down at the little boy, and then looked up at the man standing behind him. He was a farm boy who had just moved from Idaho with the most amazing blue eyes, tall strong build, and the perfect amount of manly scruff, and she couldn’t breathe. He tried to chat a little, got her phone number, and then him and his little boy were on their way. And Chelsea stood there in a daze…

Or something like that….

Fast forward to their first date, as soon as Zach got Jason in bed, Zach and Chelsea had a little tail-gate camp fire. The whole night, Chelsea was so nervous she could hardly look at Zach. At one point, Zach told her to look at him and told her how beautiful she was. And her face turned cherry red.

They kept dating, doing everything together till one day, Zach took her to The Top of the World where he pulled out a ring and slipped in on her finger.

So all of you searching for that special someone, you never know where you will find them! But they are out there and God is working on aligning the stars for your paths to cross!

Two days before their wedding, I got a message from a friend in tears. She was desperately looking for a last minute photographer because the one she had lined up had just bailed. And because I love my friend Ashley so much, I jumped in my car the day of the wedding and drove out to Boise, ID to photograph Chelsea’s wedding on the weekend of my wedding anniversary.

Kathryn Albertson Park was sooo beautiful and was a perfect venue for Chelsea and Zach’s small wedding ceremony. The day flowed easily and perfectly, except for the part where Zach went hunting that morning and killed his car battery in the middle of nowhere….

Zach, with his best man and son Jason, waited for Chelsea as she walked down the isle, Chelsea’s father performed the beautiful ceremony, and at the end of the ceremony, Chelsea’s mom said through tears “These are tears of happiness!! These two just work so well together. SO well!!”

Congratulations you three!!

And thank you for letting me be a part of your lives for just a moment!



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