Cris and Abbey | Salt Lake Temple and Thomas S. Monson Center Wedding

April 18, 2019

salt lake temple wedding photos

I’m so excited to show you this beautiful wedding at the Thomas S Monson Center and the Salt Lake City Utah Temple!! One of my favorite parts of a temple wedding is siting around with all the guests, waiting for the couple to come out. Everyone is anxiously awaiting, almost afraid to look in a different directions because they don’t want to miss the grand exit!! Unlike a traditional wedding, when someone from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints decides to get married in a temple, the ceremony cannot be photographed because not everyone can go in and cameras absolutely are not allowed! So the Temple Exit is like the big deal. It’s like the “You may kiss the bride” moment! So it’s always appropriate for the couple to come out and kiss for everyone who was not in the temple!

Cris and Abbey had such a special day at the Salt Lake City Temple. The days leading up to it were cold and very very wet with all the rain. I even gathered up all my fancy umbrellas that I invested in for when a rainy day came my way. But their day, it was perfect. There was no rain!! Just some wispy clouds and a brisk breeze.

In the time leading up to their beautiful wedding day, we had so much fun running around together in snow up in the mountains for their engagements and spending a beautiful sunset evening at the Thomas S Monson Center for their first look. It was such a happy time for me because I just love these two so much!! I always looked forward to the emails that I got from Abbey because all of her sweetness shined through in everything that she wrote! They are some of the kindest people I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with.

Their Thomas S Monson Center reception completed me. It fulfilled one of my rejected wedding dreams of having a chocolate fondue fountain at my reception!! So living vicariously through them, I frequented the fondue fountain with the strawberries and marshmallows. That was ALMOST my favorite part, but it was definitely trumped with the night’s dancing. I was doing ok until Cris danced with a very special woman in his life, one that was like a mom to him. As they danced, I caught their tear-filled eyes and was immediately consumed with the gratitude that they had for each other, there was so much of it that it filled the room.

And to top it off, Abbey and her brother danced to “Save the Last Dance for me” in honor of her brother who is on a service mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints. Her brother admitted to me later that he doesn’t actually know how to dance, he was just winging it. But he rocked it and filled the room with giggles.

Then when all the dancing came to a close, Cris and Abbey ran through all the tossed rose petals while their friends and family cheered. With one last mother daughter hug and a kiss in the back of the vintage limo, they were off into the night in the coolest car ever built.

Dear Cris and Abbey,

I loved every minute working with you two. I’ve watched you interact with each other, your families, and the people around you, I’ve learned so much about kindness, love, and gratitude. I feel so grateful that our paths crossed so that you could leave your little unique mark on my life. I know you will live a joy-filled life together because of all the beautiful qualities that make you YOU. Thank you so much for choosing me. It was an honor to serve you.


And a special thanks to their many vendors who made their day so perfect!

Wedding Dress: The Bride’s Shop with alterations by Ewa Kulik

Hair: Amanda Denning

Makeup: Courtney Byington

Flowers: Pamela Olson with Native Floral

Venue: Thomas S Monson Center

Vintage Limo: Something Vintage Something Blue

Catering: Utah Food Services

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