Draper Utah Spring Wedding | Jesmine + Trevor

June 3, 2022

Trevor’s long awaited dream of finding his life’s love took an unexpected turn with the start of the pandemic. With everyone feeling like the world was coming to an end because of this mysterious plague—or worse yet because of boredom—Trevor mixed up his approach to dating.

After creating his account on the Mutual app, he found a really cute Californian girl who happened to have the exact same idea.

On March 28th the two matched on mutual and took their first steps to their journey together. Dating started with trying to find time to talk, as Jesmine’s job required her to work 70+ hours. They’d talk on weekends and played Codenames and other games on dates.

After 4 months of talking, they finally met up in Gilbert, AZ and made it official. They had several trips back and forth with plenty of food shared along the way. They climbed a few mountains, saw cacti pretending to be Christmas trees, and enjoyed some fun beach days together.

Finally the time came after several trips of ring shopping for the big proposal! And… lucky for Trevor, Jesmine said “Of Course!”

Their wedding day was so beautiful, you couldn’t have asked for better weather! But just like any other wedding day, there were some definite bumps in the road! After all the guests had left the temple, and it was time for the bride and groom to join the reception party, it wasn’t possible because the phones and keys had been sent with a friend leaving Jesmine and Trevor completely stranded without a way to contact anyone.

I just happened to look back as I was packing up my car to see Jesmine standing there—and it looked like something wasn’t right. When I ran back to her, I found out that they actually had a big problem which we quickly solved by carpooling and sending a friend back later for their car.

But what made the event so incredibly memorable to me was the way that Jesmine and Trevor reacted to the situation. I couldn’t believe how CALM they were! They acknowledged that there was a mistake and with so much grace they threw the stress out the window and with so much ease just tried to find a solution.

Even though things didn’t go exactly as planned, they were so full of gratitude that they didn’t even miss a beat. And that’s what I love about Jesmine and Trevor so much. They laugh through everything and find how to be grateful no matter how difficult it may seem.

And that’s how I know their lives are going to be magical and joy-filled.



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