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June 29, 2022

Elegant Family Photography in Salt Lake City

Despite the raging winds and dirt flying into our eyes, little Miss Liah and Kaliah had a terrific amount of fun during their elegant family photography session in Salt Lake City this past week. Because the weather was so poor, we almost canceled it. As I drove up the mountain side to Tunnel Springs in North Salt Lake City, I was fairly confident that a pair of two year olds would not tolerate how crazy the weather was. I even called to tell my husband that I would probably spend 15 minutes photographing them because why not?! We were already there! But that they would probably be very done at that 15 minute mark.

How very wrong I was!

Miss Liah and Kaliah hardly stopped running and playing the entire session! They were so delightful as they ran around exploring all that nature had to offer them. We found beautiful little purple flowers, tall pointing sticks, and the trail that led to a serene meadow.

It was such a joy to see the wonder and curiosity in their eyes, the wind rustle through their hair, and hear their little giggles through the different games that we played.

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