Grandpa’s Last Visit to the Mountains

Grandpa Limb’s days are ticking down. We don’t know how much time he has left. Maybe a week?? Yesterday we experienced a tender mercy and I’m quite convinced it was just for Grandpa Limb. Remember how that big huge storm was supposed to come this morning? Or that it was supposed to rain ALL day?? Well, Grandpa wanted to see the fall leaves in the mountains and the weather just happened to stay clear so that we could take him. The moment we pulled into our drive way this afternoon, the storm hit.

As he comes to the end of this life, his body grows more tired. He doesn’t say much anymore, I’m sure he thinks a lot, just can’t find the energy to express himself. His face doesn’t show as much expression either. His body is tired… He’s incapable of doing anything for himself anymore and for the last while has been in a rest home.

Nobody wants to waste away their days and pass in a rest home…. So continuing his adventurous life, he’s adventurous to the end!! We took him up to Snow Basin Ski Resort so that he could be in the mountains one last time and experience the beauty of fall.

Our adventure took us out on a dirt trail that took us through beautiful trees. Grandpa got to do a little off roading and when the road got too bumpy, his son and grandsons lifted up his wheel chair and carried him through the woods.

We found beautiful fall leaves, big ants, and a caterpillar and by the end of our adventure, grandpa was completely exhausted.

As a photographer, this is what I do and I absolutely love it. I document things that people want to always remember and give them the gift of a tangible memory. I know that sometimes people get annoyed at my camera, but those feelings never last once they see what has been created and the joy that it brings others.

My favorite kind of photography is documentary, where I just capture life as it happens. That’s why I do so many weddings!! I love documenting such a beautiful and important day. I also love funerals. It brings me so much joy to serve people in this capacity.

We all love Grandpa Limb. He’s lived a good life. And even though I’ve only known him for a short season, his life and has touched mine. What a wonderful day we had, made possible by a loving Heavenly Father who wanted his son to enjoy the mountains one last time. I think the storm held off just for grandpa and I know that taking him to the mountains brought him so much joy, it sure made the rest of us happy and taught us a little more what it means to be selfless and love another person.



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