Intimate Wedding Elopement at Sundance | Tara & Nick

August 7, 2022

A Romantic Elopement near Sundance Ski Resort

Romantic Wedding Elopement at Sundance

With just their immediate family around them, Tara and Nick elevated their wedding experience by eloping. Their intimate wedding elopement at Sundance was simply unforgettable. By choosing to elope, they removed so much of the stress that a traditional wedding day creates.

They didn’t have to figure out who was invited, they were able to keep the planning more private thereby removing may opinions of what they should or shouldn’t do, and there was much less coordination by keeping it small and simple.

An elopement gave Tara and Nick the ability to make their experience truly personal and tailored to them starting with the location. The airbnb they secured near Sundance Ski Resort for their date provided a breathtaking private view of Mount Timpanogos and enough for space for all their guests to comfortably stay.

Daddy Daughter First Look

Before the ceremony, Tara’s first look with her dad left everyone in tears. The second he turned around, through falling tears he exclaimed “My baby girl!” It was a moment that I wish all of my brides and their fathers could experience and I can’t wait till I get to see my baby girl hold her dad as he gives her away to a good man.

Nick and Tara are incredible people. It’s hard to say who is the better half which, in my opinion, is exactly how it should be. Equally amazing, caring, compassionate, loving, playful, fun. All the things. So I have no doubt in my mind that Tara’s dad couldn’t be more thrilled that she found someone who is going to take such good care of her.

And Tara and Nick’s first look was no less emotional. Before he every turned around, he was already wiping the tears away from his face and you couldn’t help but tangibly feel the love feel your heart so everyone was in more tears.

These first were the highlights for me. But then again, so was the waterfall!

Wedding Branding Ceremony

But first, their vows followed by a branding ceremony. If I remember right, it was Tara’s grandpa that had cattle that were branded so they brought that heritage into their wedding day by branding the cover of their soon-to-be wedding album. I had never seen anything like it. As he sprayed fire retardant onto the wooden album cover, Nick told me that sometimes the wood can catch fire. It definitely went up in flames but it went out as fast as it started.

What you need to know about Tara and Nick is that they are always up for an adventure which is why, in her wedding dress and hiking boots, we hike up to Stewart Falls for a portion of their formals. It was so hot and dusty but worth every effort. They have some of the most unique and beautiful portraits I’ve ever been able to take on a wedding day!

Wedding Elopement Photographer
Wedding details for an elopement
Getting ready for her elopement near Sundace Ski Resort
Getting ready for her elopement near Sundace Ski Resort
Eloping in Utah
Eloping in Utah
Eloping at Sundance
Bridal prep for an elopement
Wedding vows for an elopement
Bride getting ready
Wedding elopement at Sundance
Bridal session at Stewart Falls, Mount Timpanogos
Groom getting ready for his elopement
Intimate wedding experience with Rachel Lindsey Photography
Bride and groom first look before wedding
Bride and groom first look before wedding
Bride and groom first look before wedding
Intimate weddings Salt Lake City Utah
Intimate Wedding Photographer
Intimate wedding elopement Sundance
Intimate wedding elopement Sundance
Elopement near Sundance
Daddy daughter first look
Daddy daughter first look at wedding
Wedding elopement in the Utah mountains
Utah Elopement Photographer
Wedding Branding Ceremony
Utah Elopement Photographer
Intimate wedding photography in Provo
Wedding Branding Ceremony
Mount Timpanogos Wedding Portraits
Eloping in Utah
Eloping in Utah
Utah elopement photographer
Utah Intimate Wedding Photographer
Utah Intimate Wedding Photographer
Utah elopement
Wedding Branding Ceremony
Wedding photography in Utah

If you are looking for a photographer for your intimate wedding elopement at Sundance, I would love to talk to you! Fill out my contact form and let me know more about what you want to plan!

And a special thanks to the creatives that made it all possible!

Dress: Eddy K, Dreams. Purchased from Wedding belles Bridal in Chandler AZ (

Florist: Rosie Rue Floral Co.

Hair and Makeup: Marisa Rose | Makeup & Hair

Video: Abundant Life Films



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