Kaylee + Richmond | Provo City Center Temple Wedding

August 13, 2018

I feel like I’ve been holding my breath over here, waiting and dying to talk about these two!!! At their engagement session, I finally got to meet the joyful lady I had been corresponding with. I knew she was sweet, caring, generous, humble, and all the other good stuff. But it wasn’t until her wedding day that I got of glimpse of just how much of these things she was!

Kaylee and Richmond met while working at the Provo Missionary Training Center and were just married in the Provo City Center Temple on an incredibly sunny hot day in July.

After their sealing, they had a luncheon and a traditional tea ceremony. Lunch was fantastic and I learned so much more about them. But the best part of the day, in my opinion, was their tea ceremony. It’s a cultural tradition to kneel before parents and siblings to serve them tea as a form of honor and gratitude. To be honest, I was crying the whole time behind my camera. It takes courage and vulnerability to kneel before someone, keep eye contact, and pour your heart out in gratitude to them. Kaylee and Richmond opened up their souls to share and in doing so, I got to see the depth of character that they have. They are both incredible and they came from incredibly families who helped teach them to become who they are today.

If I could go back and do my wedding over again, I would add in this tea ceremony. It filled my heart in ways I cannot describe.

And then their wedding reception!!! It was too much fun. I told them before their wedding date that the most important part was making memories and enjoying it, but they really didn’t need the reminder. They already had their priorities straight!!

Congratulations you two!!

Dress: Morilee Wedding Jacket and home-sewn wedding dress by Linda and Alicia Fairbanks

Cake: Love Cake Bake- Mary Elizabeth

Hair and Makeup: Laura Barton



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