Laura + Thomas Mountaintop Engagements | Big Cottonwood Canyon

April 21, 2017

It is so fun when a story comes around full circle! If you haven’t read the back story to Aleigh + Tyler, go and read it. Turns out that the “other girl” was Laura!! Even though Tyler and Laura were talking up a storm, they obviously had their sights on someone else. Laura was working as a CNA and kept seeing this cute janitor around cleaning in the same area she was assigned to and when she could, she talked to him. It didn’t take long for Laura and Thomas to start dating and as soon as they did, they couldn’t stop.

Laura’s favorite color must be green because when she was telling me about her wedding colors, green was a very important color. And it was also important to her for her engagements to have greens in them. So we went up Big Cottonwood Canyon and found some beautiful pine trees and foresty areas. It couldn’t have been more perfect.

These two are just the cutest!! They had permanant smiles on their faces and couldn’t stop smiling. That’s love for you right there. They have the kind of love that makes you giddy and crinkle your nose. You can’t help but smile when you see these two together.

While I was taking some portraits of Laura, I told Thomas to sneak around and come up behind Laura. Based on her reaction, she had absolutely NO idea that we had planned this out! It was epic! And the smiles and laughs made the scare totally worth it!



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