Logan Utah Temple Wedding | Lauren + Nick

July 6, 2019

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After meeting Lauren in person at their State Capitol spring blossoms engagement session, I really wanted to get to know these two better! After all, they showed up in leather jackets, Lauren had combat boots, and Nick had neon red glasses on. It was quite the sight. I remember Lauren saying that she wanted to immortalize that look for their kids!! I was hooked on these two.

I don’t remember a time I’ve felt so excited for someone’s Instagram stories to pop up! In the days and weeks leading up to the wedding, it was always my favorite time of day when I got to sit down and watch Lauren’s stories because I knew I would be guaranteed a good laugh! As I got to see more into her life and get better glimpses of their personalities, I just knew that their wedding day was going to be a hilarious time!!!

Just last Saturday on June 29th, Lauren and Nick were married in the Logan Utah Temple on one of the brightest summer days ever! But, lucky for us, it wasn’t too hot. It definitely could have been worse!!

After all the fun of the wedding day group photos, it’s always my favorite time when we get to dismiss everyone else, relax a little, and capture some of the most beautiful and romantic photos of the wedding day: the couple’s formals. And without all of Lauren’s amazing wedding vendors, it just couldn’t have been more perfect! Lauren and Nick were beaming, smiling so much that their cheeks hurt, and melting into each other. Literally. We were so hot!!

The reception was my absolute favorite part through. When I arrived, I found Lauren and Nick completely sprawled out on a sofa, far from everyone else, with a huge cup of Swig’s. I expect no less from them. We were hot, worn out, and needing a sit in a cool building!!

With the help of a lot of family and friends, the wedding reception was simply beautiful with little twinkle lights hung to make everything feel soft and romantic.

After some delicious dinner, speeches, and cake cutting, all the crazy dancing broke out. With Lauren fueling all of it. It was always funny to see Nick calmly off to the side, watching his beautiful bride go crazy on the dance floor. For how different they are, they sure complement each other perfectly!!

At the end of the reception, the happy couple took off through a sea of bubbles just to find their car completely filled to the brim with balloons. Leave it to Lauren though!! Somehow she got her hands on something sharp and went to town popping balloon after balloon!

It was all so much fun. In the following days, I heard back from Lauren who said “The greatest investment I made in my wedding day was Rachel. The dress is back at the rental store, the flowers are dead and my family has gone home. But I have photos that take me back instantly.” And her father said “The photo from the send off was worth all the money alone.” And it was such a joy to spend the day with these amazing people and capture such wonderful memories!!

Dear Lauren and Nick,

I was an honor to be chosen as your wedding day photographer. I know it was a decision you took very seriously and it means the world to me that you would trust me with all your precious memories!! I have loved getting to know you and peeking into your lives together! I cannot wait to see where life takes you next!! Where ever it is, I just know it will be amazing!!

Congratulations You Two!!

Dress: Gowns by Pamela

Cake: Sara Cheever with For the Love of Cakes

Flowers: The Freckled Florist

Catering: Texas Roadhouse



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