Madison + Thomas | Provo City Center Temple First Look

August 16, 2017

I’ve never been a huge fan of early morning sessions. There’s something about waking up at 5am and having to get ready for the day that takes me back to high school and all the days I just wanted to sleep in… But we could not have made a better choice on this particular day! We had beautiful dynamic skies and perfectly diffused light through the clouds at the Provo City Center Temple.

Madison and Thomas had one of the sweetest first looks that I have ever photographed. Not because of a huge reaction or tears welling in the eyes, but because of a silent swelling. When Thomas turned around to see his bride the day before their wedding, the biggest tender grin stretched across his face as he reached out and brought his beautiful fiance in for a long embrace. There was nothing but love and adoration in that man’s face. It was very apparent that this girl was his greatest treasure.

The first thing I noticed about Madison was her stunning blonde hair and wanted to know if that was the first thing that Thomas noticed as well. When I asked him, he said that the first thing he noticed was that she could throw a football!! As the session went on, I noticed that Madison had strong arms. Like, the kind that I drool over and work hard for at the gym. When I asked if she worked out, she said that she throws discus for BYU!! No wonder she can throw a football!!

Towards the end of our temple formals, I asked Thomas if he could scoop her up. Madison quickly said “Of course he can!! I’m not marrying a football player for no reason!!” And that, folks, is why Madison throwing a football was such a big deal to Thomas. He’s number 59 on the BYU football team. So just like that, these two are my favorite couple of the year. Go Cougs!!

Stay tuned for the blog post on their wedding!



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