Marian + Dan | City and Council Building and NW Apple Cider Co Reception

July 10, 2017

Whenever I have a could who just wants a small intimate ceremony, I know it’s going to be a golden wedding. For these couples, it’s not about all the decorations, the venue, or really anything else. It’s 100% about them and their love and the moment. Marian and Dan were exactly this couple. They gathered with their families at the Salt Lake City and Counsel Building where they had a beautiful ceremony.

After their beautiful ceremony, they had a great party with all their friends at the Mountain West Cider Company in downtown Salt Lake City.

The sweetest part of the whole wedding was when Dan’s mother stood up for toasts to speak. She told many hilarious stories about him making everyone laugh and also brought everyone to tears as she talked about their relationship and love.

Wedding Dress: BHLDN

Hair: Vince Abram

Makeup: Anya Zeitlin

Wedding Planner: Alexandra Euler

Wedding Officiant: Sharon Vollett

Venue: Mountain West Cider Company

Rentals: Hoopes Events

Catering: Elizabeth’s Catering and Pyromaniacs Pizza



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