Markanthony + Chelsea | Editorial Fall Mountain Formals

Most couples do a first look or first something, but this time it was a first for me: no looking!! Markanthony is a very traditional kind of groom and the first time he ever wants to see his bride on his wedding day, which just barely passed so now I can show you these formals that I’ve been dying to share!!

We never intended to take photos with both of them in the photograph, but when we got up there… Chelsea’s mom begged for plans to change! After talking it over with Markanthony, we decided we would do photos of the two of them, but in a way that he would never actually see Chelsea! And that made for a really fun and interesting challenge! But we did it!! And all of us are so glad that we did because it was so incredibly gorgeous.

But Chelsea. We need need to talk about Chelsea. It was one of those moments when the bride walked out and my jaw just dropped. I actually found myself a bit speechless!! Her dress was so incredibly gorgeous. My favorite parts: all the lace, and the sleeves. Oh my gosh the sleeves. And just when I thought the best part was over, she showed me the flowers. And I had all the heart eyes!!! But the best was still yet to come….

Chelsea is borderline goddess. Or maybe borderline elf. I feel like she belongs in Lothlorien or something. She just has the gorgeous stunning fierce look. Anyways, I’m dying over her bridals and feeling extra thankful for the beautiful fall leaves that fell to the ground making everything just that much more perfect!!

Happy Wedding DAy!!!!

Dress: Fantasy Bridal

Florist: Dancing Daisies Floral, Betsy Borden

Cake: Holly Farnsworth

Hair and makeup: McKenna Bigler and Jessie Nicholls



  1. Betsy says:

    So incredibly beautiful and gorgeous! Chelsea is a lovely bride, and you made her just glow! Thank you for making my flowers look so good too! 💕

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