August 2, 2016

Me and Jacci… we go way back. We were best friends back in high school and we ended up marrying brothers. Then we both ended up divorcing those brothers. We’ve supported each other through some of the hardest times of our lives and we’ve also supported each other in some of the most joyous times! Jacci was at both of my weddings and was actually my hair stylist! She’s naturally very talented. So me and Jacci, we go way back.

Photographing Maylee’s birth was a very special experience for me. After everything we’ve been through, being able to witness an event Jacci had been dreaming about for years brought so much happiness into my heart. I got to watch Jacci hold her daughter for the first time.

Jacci had struggled with fertility for years and she’s been waiting a long time for her sweet little Maylee. Doctors kept telling her that everything was fine but Jacci listened to her body and knew that something was wrong and decided to go to a specialist. After changing her diet for an extended period of time and after one dose of fertility medication, she was pregnant with Maylee.

She had a wonderful and healthy pregnancy and anxiously anticipated the day that Maylee would come. And then that day came and went… With no signs of labor starting, she decided to get induced but little did she know that her body was already in early labor when she went in to the McKay-Dee hospital in Ogden, Utah. She was in the hospital over night with Cory and it was a long night. Cory probably got more sleep than Jacci!

One privilege that I have as a photographer, is I get to enter into people’s intimate space and really see them and who they are. Many times through the laboring process I was brought to tears as I watched this fine young man take such good care of my dear friend. She deserves every happiness and she has found it in Cory. His love and compassion were very apparent as I watched him care over her.

By about 9:30 in the morning, Jacci’s body was ready and it was time for the final stages of labor.

The first glimpse of Maylee was precious. She had a full head of long hair and Cory was so excited to show Jacci how long it was. At about 10:15 Maylee was born. There are few things as exhilarating and joyous as hearing the first sounds from your precious child – to know that they are alive and real. Carrying a child is a surreal experience and it’s hard to really fully comprehend that a baby is joining your life until you actually hear them and hold them. Watching the dream become reality filled my heart joy and brought tears to my eyes as I watched and photographed the priceless expressions on their faces and felt their joy.

I’m so grateful that I was able to capture their first moments as a family and all the happiness that they felt. Just look at those faces. It’s priceless.

And after all the hard work was done, Jacci rested peacefully with her new daughter in her arms by her side. Look at how content she looks.

Little Maylee came without complication and labor and delivery could not have gone anymore smoothly. Her birth was perfect just as she is. She’s calm and sweet. Jacci’s experience was completely ideal and she absolutely deserved it.

And here’s one last moment that I absolutely love. This is yet another moment we see how incredible Cory is. Jacci is enjoying a meal while Cory takes care of the messy job. It takes a special kind of man to take care of the diapers without being asked or without complaining. He’s an incredible husband and he’s going to be an incredible father. I’m so excited to watch them as the years go by!



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