Why You Should Stop Waiting on “Togetherness” | Park City Family Photography

January 1, 2022

Why you should stop waiting on "togetherness" to book your Park City family session

Are you one of those people waiting to have everything “together” before you pull the trigger on your Park City family photography session??

If it feels like your “togetherness” is hanging by a thread, you’re not alone. Nobody really “has it together.”

Even the lawyers, the doctors, the real estate agents, the school principals, and the personal assistants of the world. (These are the jobs that came to mind when I wondered, “Who out there has to try the hardest to seem like they have their crap together?”)

The idea of having your life together is another lie we tell ourselves to feel lesser. Undeserving. Unworthy. Not good enough. And to keep ourselves stuck.

No one has it together–and if it seems like they do, there’s a good chance a loose end is dangling somewhere in their life. Maybe they forgot their lunch at home today or there’s a run in their tights. Maybe they ran late to their meeting today because there was no way they’d make it through the morning without an iced coffee. Maybe their mind is wandering about how they’ll pay their bills this month.

This one’s mine:

I haven’t had kitchen cupboards for six months!! Turns out refinishing was a way worse decision then we ever thought. Cause we did it all wrong creating weeks worth of labor till we just got sick of it.

Let me leave you with a bit of trivia:

When you Google “get my life together,” the top search result is a confidential hotline for the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

And if there’s still a chance you believe everyone has their life together but you, maybe give yourself a heaping tablespoon of grace–and think again.

If you’re one of those people waiting on “togetherness” to pull the trigger for your family photos, realize that that is a reality you’ll always be chasing because it doesn’t exist. Instead, let’s throw that thought out the window and decided that today is just as good as any day!

Why you should stop waiting on "togetherness" to book your Park City family session
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Why you should stop waiting on "togetherness" to book your Park City family session

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