Pictures for Presents 2016

We had such a fantastic time doing our Pictures for Presents project!! The people that came first thing in the morning were fortunate because the ground was still frozen. As the day went on, they muddier it got!! Me and my husband Joseph were so muddy by the end of the day!! I am SOOO grateful for Lynsie Ferrero with Bumblebee Beginnings, and hair and makeup artist Sami West with Signature Brides & Design, for all of their help with this event. Sami did a lot of the women’s makeup and Lynsie designed everyone’s adorable Christmas Cards. Here are the beautiful families that participated with us to make this happen!

The families donated gifts or cash that we used to buy presents for a few different families for Christmas. It’s hard to say what was my favorite part because it was all amazing! Especially getting super muddy. But I’ll always remember how I felt when we dropped the boxes of gifts off to the different families. Their gratitude was tangible. After dropping off the last of the boxes, I drove away crying. It was such a touching experience to be able to serve in that capacity and I couldn’t have done it without all these beautiful people who participated. We definitely put some smiles on some faces this year and I can’t wait to do it again next year!



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