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August 25, 2022

Playful summer family photos in Utah

I love this family session so much I could pinch myself!! It felt like we were just laughing the whole entire time! Between mom making some sort of crazy face (I never did get to see it, I was told it would give me nightmares) and kids just being some form of unreasonable silly kids, there was just always something to laugh about making this one of my most playful summer family photos in Utah!

As returning clients, they knew that with a bunch of young kids, a family session can feel kind of crazy. With partial listening and tender feelings, something is bound to feel some degree of hard. And this is part of why I love working with families so much! I love the challenge creating fun and getting a child to light up in front of my camera even when they’re struggling to. I love getting down on their level to help them feel comfortable and confident in what they are doing and creating. And I especially love giving the kids a break from smiling at me and giving them the chance to play with their siblings and parents.

My family sessions with younger kids are always a dance between portrait and play. It stretches me creatively to creating new options that a child might like better and I love that about children. It definitely keeps me on my toes as a photographer.

In the end, the Williamsons knew that everything would turn out so magical and effortless in the end and that we would still have SO much fun!! And that’s exactly how this summer family session in Utah played out!

Playful summer family photos in Utah

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