Rachel + Bennet | Tunnel Springs Engagements

May 12, 2018

While most couples meet while hanging out with friends or sitting in a class together, Rachel and Bennet are probably the only couple who can say that they met playing badmittion at BYU. Their first date was to Cold Stone on Valentine’s day which is enough to win any girl’s heart over! While my personal favorite ice cream is their signature cake batter, Rachel and Bennet prefer an Oreo milk shake.

Their engagements were absolutely beautiful and the location was absolutely stunning. If you have not visited Tunnel Springs Park, put it on your to-do list. Better yet, take your sweetheart there on an evening picnic to watch the sunset. There are beautiful grass fields and terraced mountains, one of the features that sold Rachel and Bennet on the location. They spent some time in China together and the terraced mountains took them right back to some of their favorite memories together.

Out of all the fun that I had with Rachel and Bennet, my most favorite moment was when I sent them off into the distance and prompted Bennet to tell Rachel why he loved her so much. The intensity and deliberation of his walk towards her was straight out of Pride and Prejudice. As he loving touched her face, the tears in my eyes started to come. I have rarely seen a man be so incredibly sweet, tender, and loving, yet it is something that I experience on a daily basis with my husband. The way Bennet looked at her mirrored the way my husband looks at me. I just feel so honored to have been able to capture it from afar as they shared such a tender moment in the cool of the evening sunset.

And as I walked back to my car to allow them a little bit of time alone with the setting sun, I turned around just one last time to capture this last frame. Such a beautiful couple. I cannot wait to capture more of these moments between them and document their beginning of forever.



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