Refined and Romantic Wedding at The 5th Floor in Ogden Utah | Ashley + Jonathan

November 21, 2021

The 5th Floor in Ogden Utah provided a perfect setting for Ashley and Jonathan’s refined and romantic wedding. With emerald and gold setting the stage for their wedding day, greenery was strewn about the ceiling and touches of gold were placed throughout the venue. Their wedding was the perfect combination of modern and classic mirroring that of their engagements session at the Little Sahara Desert.

When I first sat down and met with Ashley and Jonathan, I walked them through what an ideal wedding day timeline looks like as it’s not what most people think. Instead of the groom seeing the bride for the first time walking down the isle, I always recommend something different that provides an opportunity for greater intimacy and elevates the experience of the couple on their wedding day.

The First Look

On a normal wedding day, there is not an opportunity for the bride and groom to be alone together without guests other than their set aside portrait time. By releasing the pressure of an audience, emotions and words are able to flow freely. There’s no time pressure or expectations from a crowd. Just the bride and the groom.

Ashley and Jonathan took the first look one step further and truly made it an experience just for them. With the guests still on their way and the silence waiting to be broken by the day’s celebration, Jonathan stood in his emerald suit waiting to see his bride, soulmate, and best friend. As he turned around, tears already welling in his eyes, he found Ashley in her beautiful classic wedding dress. Through their tears, they embraced and then they shared their vows with no one else around except their hired third wheel. It was such a privilege and honor to be by their side through such an intimate part of their day.

As soon as the tears had settled, the makeup retouched, we were able to spend some time taking portraits. That’s when the unimaginable happened.

An unfortunate groomsman, who was trying his best to fluff the dress, received the whole leg seam of his pants tearing open as his thank you.

The Ceremony and Celebration

Eventually all the guests poured into The 5th Floor Wedding Venue, breaking the warms silence of the first look. The groomsman’s pants had been stitched back up, the DJ arrived, and the ceremony began.

With the vows having already been shared privately, the ceremony was the quickest I have ever witnessed. And it was perfect. Especially since the flower man pulling petals out of his concealed hip-pouch and dancing down the isle as he threw them into the air kind of stole the show…. The party got started sooner than later and the rest of the night the guests enjoyed some of the finest hors d’oeuvres, drinks, and eventually dinner and dancing.

Ashley and Jonathan have created one of the most beautiful relationships that I have been able to witness. They care so deeply for each other and you can tell that they’ve found that sweet spot through the push and pull.

The whole day was filled with the warmest love and happiest of tears as friends and family celebrated with these two.

If you are looking for a photographer for your classic and romantic wedding at The 5th Floor in Ogden Utah, I would love to talk to you! Fill out my contact form and let me know more about what you want to plan!


Dress: Justin Alexander and Bridal World

Cake: Sweet Whimsy Cakes

Venue: Shade Home and Garden

Florist: Lily and Juniper

Makeup Artist: EJ – Makeup

Venue: The 5th Floor

DJ: Live Party Events (Oana)

Tuxedo: SuitSupply

Catering: Union Grill and So Fine Desserts

Invitation Suite: Minted

Rings: The Karat Shop



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