Salt Lake City Utah Temple Wedding | Aaron + Jennena

September 10, 2019

salt lake city temple wedding photographer

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life. It a massive leap of faith filled with so much joy, excitement, and anticipation for all the adventures that will soon come your way. Your wedding day is a special day to celebrate the two of you and the love that you have! And because it’s a celebration for you, it’s so important to plan it in a way that will bring you the most amount of happiness so that when you look back, you’re only full of gratitude for a wonderful beginning to a wonderful life!

Aaron and Jennena did just that. The way that they organized their wedding day was unique to them and fit so perfectly with their desires and priorities for how they wanted to start their life together.

Before going to the temple on their wedding day, they had a fun lunch with family to start the celebration, then everyone dispersed to get ready for the most important part of the day: the ceremony. After mentally, physically, and spiritually preparing, they all enjoyed a beautiful ceremony in the Salt Lake City Utah temple.

To keep the day special, stress free, and relaxing, they saved their reception for another time. It was perfect for them all.



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