Sam + Amie This is the Place Heritage Park


Amie’s friends kept telling her that she’d love him. Afterall, she loved kids and Sam happened to have three of them. They had their first date at Noodles & Company and spent 5 hours there talking. Workers kept coming by to check on them to make sure that everything was ok, since most people leave after an hour. But the time just ticked by and they seemed to be oblivious of it.

As time passed, Sam introduced Amie to his three beautiful girls and they all fell in love with each other. On their wedding day, Sam kept saying that he was just so surprised when after staying with Amie, she didn’t kick him out and that she seemed to enjoy having him around. After a year and a half of dating, and with a baby girl on the way, they tied the knot.

On November 11, the Boyer and Merrell family gathered together at the Garden Place at This is the Place Heritage Park for a celebration in honor of Amie and Sam and their love for each other.

As they prepped for their day, Amie helped her soon to be daughters get ready. It was so sweet to see the love that Amie had for these 3 girls after just a moment in time.

I wonder how many brides start their future by honoring their heritage. Heritage park seems to be appropriate for Amie as the details of her day focussed on her heritage. Her red lace dress belonged to her grandmother and was tailor fitted to her and the pearls that strung around her neck belonged to her great grandmother. She made her wedding day a memory filled with memories.

Amie’s brother is an accomplished violinist studying music at a university in Washington. One night, Amie half jokingly talked with him about how cool it would be if he played Claire de Lune. She was so surprised when he actually threw it together in just a few days. Before Amie walked down the isle, he played for everyone.

My favorite part of the wedding day was watching their daughters walk down the isle. The youngest was the cutest. She really didn’t know what to do with all the leaves in her little flower girl basket and everyone was trying to show her without being too disruptive. Eventually she figured it out though.

I’ve seen many sand ceremonies and have never really felt anything, but there was something different about the 5 of them dumping the sand in that really touched me. It’s not just two lives that are changing, it’s six. Sam, Amie, their 3 girls, and one on the way. And their lives are going to be inseparable and changed because of each other. And these girls are just so lucky to have Amie come into their lives.

Their sign in book was “The Missing Piece Meets the Big O.” How cute is that?! Future goals for future brides. And we loved and laughed listening to the beautiful memories that were shared by family and friends while they honored their first date to Noodles & Company by serving their catered food.

After the cake cutting, the dancing began. Amie teaches Blues dancing and many of her students showed up to dance the night away and celebrate. I’ve never seen so much GOOD dancing! I have a new love for Blues. I want to learn.

After a fun and relaxing celebration, the glow sticks were passed out and off they went!

Venue: The Garden Place at This is the Place Heritage Park

Cocktails: Melange Liquid Catering

Catering: Noodles & Company

Desserts: Create a Donut



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