Soon to be Mr. & Mrs. Garland

Both attending BYU, they happened upon each other in a single’s ward. Apparently they work! Kathryn is studying math education while Kevin is in pre-medical. Both are wildly excited about their upcoming wedding in December and can’t wait to start their journey together.

It always fun to meet my clients and get to know them and their personalities. Kevin and Kathryn were no exception. They have such an amazing relationship. They’re incredibly kind to one another and they care about the needs of the other. I think one of the best qualities of their relationship is that they just keep laughing and playing together. Life is just enjoyable and fun for them.

For this we traveled up Little Cottonwood Canyon. It was so beautiful up there! The first set of pictures were taken off a trail head about 7 minutes up the canyon. The second set were taken off the White Pine Trail just a few more minutes up the canyon. It’s so perfect and beautiful in the canyon right now! Get in your cars and go for a drive and take some time to walk around on the beautiful trails!



  1. Kathryn Crandall says:

    Great job!! Thank you so much! These look amazing!

  2. Melissa Neary says:

    You look so happy! You two are going to make gorgeous babies.

  3. Marsha Paulsen Peters says:

    Love these photos and your joy!
    Facebook interrupted the text in an intriguing spot… "they are looking forward to their wedding in December and can’t wait to…"
    . . . Yeah, the waiting is hard.

  4. Marsha Paulsen Peters says:

    And the BIRCH TREES are so fitting and lovely! . . memories of FInland.

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