Soon to be Mr. & Mrs. Limb

May 5, 2016

Here are my engagements!!! First, I LOVE seeing this man by my side!! And second, it was such a riot trying to take our own photos. Thanks to my tripod, it was possible. It involved a TON of running back and forth to try and get in the shot before the shutter released which resulted in an hour of my time spent this morning learning how to use the iPhone wireless app and it’s pretty amazing. You can see the live view on your phone, focus, and then release your shutter without even touching the camera. This will make future photos MUCH easier!! We took our photos up Little Cottonwood Canyon and it was so beautiful up there.



  1. Stephanie says:

    Which iPhone app did you use?

    • Rachel Lindsey says:

      I shoot with a Canon 6D with a wifi feature. The app is Canon Camera Connect. It’s pretty amazing!

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