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September 5, 2022

Styling the Little Boys for Your Family Session! If you have several little boys in your family, it can be really tricky to figure out how to mix things up to create a visually rich style. Let me help you out!

Styling the Little Boys

As a mom, I personally know the difficulty of styling the little boys for your family session. Like the Skanchy family, I have three which has felt so tricky to me! With little girls, I’d just throw them in different dresses and dresses come in such a great variety that we would have no problem. But for boys, it’s just good old shirts and slacks! In the winter or fall, you can get away with layering options like sweaters and that can help create more visual interest, but what about in the summer time??

Mixing Up the Pieces

I personally don’t love the look of everyone matching, so with boys, it creates an extra challenge for mom and dad to figure out how to diversify the outfits. My biggest tip is to mix up the pieces! Don’t feel like everyone needs to match!

The Skanchy family did it absolutely perfectly to bring more visual interest and keep it classy. I love how every boy has a different look and this is what I think is ideal! One has a tie, one has suspenders and a bow tie, and the other just has a shirt! Paired with mom in her long sparkly dress and beautiful necklace, and dad in his finest suit with a pop of color in his tie, it’s elegant and beautiful.

They were able to elevate their look by keeping things more refined and simple at the same time. It’s just the little things!

Some Quick Ideas

If you have several boys in your family, consider some of these quick ideas for styling them!

  • Have them all wear different colored shoes
  • Change up the color of the pants
  • Use different colored shirts, maybe even us one with patterns
  • Use different accessories on each boy: a bowtie and suspenders for one, a tie for one, suit coat for one, just a shirt for one
  • For colder family session, take advantage of all the different kinds of sweaters (See how the Skanchy family styled their fall photos last year)
Styling the Little Boys for Your Family Session

I absolutely love it when families keep coming back for their family sessions! I have loved getting to know the Skanchy family and watching their cute little boys grow. As of now, we have a trending tradition of the youngest hanging upside down and it’s so fun! I wonder though how many more years dad can keep it up!

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