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August 6, 2019

When we’re in high school, sometimes we make lifetime friends, sometimes we just know their friendly faces, and sometimes friends go separate ways through life’s different adventures — which is what happened with me and Geo. But through the furthering of social media technology, we have the ability to reconnect with the wonderful people from our pasts!

I remember leaving high school, very aware that I’d likely not see any of my class members again (back before Facebook and Instagram were a thing) and I just remember hoping so deeply that everyone of them would find a life of happiness and someone who would love and care for them as they deserved.

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As the years ticked by, eventually me and Geo reconnected. We shared experiences of motherhood with each other and I always looked forward to our small interactions over Facebook. We even crossed paths a few times and it always put a smile on my face. But I had never met her husband or seen the whole family together until this last week.

Spending the evening with them for their summer time family session in Ogden, Utah was such an enriching experience! It didn’t matter what crazy kid things their children did, they laughed through everything. The hair pulling, the dress sucking, the complaining, all the typical kid things… they just laughed. And snuggled. And played. It was everything and more that a family session should be!

And my heart was completely filled with gratitude.

I’m so grateful for the example of an amazing, loving mother Geo is. I’m so grateful for her husband who couldn’t stop smiling at his beautiful wife and children. I’m so grateful that wonderful people like this live around us. And I’m so grateful that after all these years that have gone by, my old friend has created such an amazingly happy life for herself.

Also, I can’t get enough of that chubby smiley little guy! He is literally the CUTEST!!!

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