Summer Ogden Utah Temple Wedding and Botanical Gardens Reception | Kaitlyn + Jordan

August 20, 2019

utah botanical gardens wedding photos

It’s not every day that pineapples are used to propose to a pretty lady, but on the day she was proposed to, Kaitlyn was given pineapples by friends and teachers and the day ended with a beautiful sparkly ring on her finger. You see, the pineapple had a special place in Kaitlyn’s heart. She served her mission in Virginia where the pineapple symbolizes good luck so on their wedding day, Jordan made sure to wear pineapple socks.

Their wedding colors incorporated the beautiful yellow from the pineapple along with a deep navy making it a beautiful bright and fun summer wedding color palette.

They kicked of their wedding day by having the reception the night before, happily greeting all their friends and family while everyone enjoyed delicious desserts and the warm summer air. They even made a “kid corner” for all the nieces and nephews that would be spending the evening with them.

The next day, family gathered at the Ogden Utah temple for the sealing of the happy couple! Kaitlyn’s family has special roots at the Ogden temple where her relatives assisted in some of the remodel of the temple. All the beautiful benches around temple grounds were chosen by her uncle!

And Kaitlyn’s wedding gown and shoes were especially meaningful to her. Her talented aunt made her beautiful dress and Kaitlyn’s shoes were her grandma’s. Like the traveling pants, these shoes have been passed around to all her posterity getting married for them to wear on their wedding day!

Dear Kaitlyn and Jordan,

Thank you so much for the opportunity to get to know you! I knew from the first email that I got from Kaitlyn that you were going to be a couple that I absolutely adored and I was right! You two are some of the sweetest people and I’m so excited for all the amazing places that life is going to take you!! Congrats on your first few weeks of marriage and Kaitlyn, congrats on the first day of school!! I just know you are going to be one of those teachers that kids love, remember, and talk about until they are old!!

Congratulations You Two!!

Dress: Chenelle Houston

Cake: My Sweet Cakes

Florist: Jimmy’s Floral

Hair and Makeup: Anna K Findlay

Videographer: Brandon Ehlers

Venue: USU Botanical Gardens



  1. Kaitlyn Young says:

    I am so in love with this. It’s just what i needed after the first day of school! You are incredible and we will never forget the beautiful memories you captured so beautifully for us!! THANK YOU!!!

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