Summer Ogden Utah Temple Wedding | Kori Anne + Joe

July 15, 2020

Summer Ogden Utah Temple Wedding that was "Written in the Stars"

Summer Ogden Utah Temple Wedding

There were a lot of firsts with this summer wedding. Some firsts were because of the covid pandemic and other firsts were just because of their creativity and planning for their wedding!

When we were finally able to get together for their Tunnel Springs engagement session, they were already married!! Definitely go read about it! The cliff notes is that their plans changed when covid hit and they decided to up and get married in the back yard! It was absolutely a first for me to take engagements of a married couple!! And they turned out so beautifully!

Their Kays Creek summer bridals session before their sealing day was perfect too and is something that I think all brides need right now. Especially brides that are getting married in the temple.

What a Temple Wedding Looks Like During Covid

Because of restrictions at the temple, photographers are not allowed on temple grounds unless they are a member of the sealing party, which can make it really hard to get a good variety of wedding photos for the couple at the temple. Unless the bride’s wedding dress is temple approved, she won’t be wearing her wedding dress when she comes out of the temple for a little for a few pictures and neither will the groom.. They’ll both be in their temple whites because the dressing rooms are closed!

To get pictures with the temple, the couple has to come out of the temple, go to their cars, and either go somewhere to change or change in their cars! It’s crazy! But that’s what we do right now! And I spend my entire time outside of the temple gate!

Having already done a bridal/formals session really opens up the wedding day for memories and fun instead of taking photos for an extended period of time and couples really love that. And since we weren’t able to use temple grounds to get a good variety of photos, having them done before hand was the best choice they could have made!

So when they came out, we quickly took some photos and left for their reception to celebrate their sealing and their wedding that happened a few months prior!

A Wedding “Written in the Stars”

And the last first was the theme of their wedding!! Most weddings have a certain feel/vibe but Kori Anne and Joe had a whole theme around their wedding!! With the theme of “Written in the Stars” and “Love you to the moon and back”, everything was night sky blue with stars and moons to decorate. And their wedding cake was amazing with cosmic gold leafing swirls and a moon cake topper.

Ogden Utah Temple Wedding
Summer Ogden Utah Temple Wedding that was "Written in the Stars"
Wedding at the Ogden Utah temple
Outdoor wedding reception
Wedding at the Ogden Utah temple during Covid pandemic
Outdoor wedding reception
Wedding at the Ogden Utah temple during Covid pandemic
Wedding during a pandemic: make facemasks that match the wedding theme

Dear Kori Anne and Joe,

I hope your sense of humor and adventure never changes!! I just know that many many years down the road, you two are going to be the favorite grandparents where the grandkids just can’t WAIT to see what you’re going to do next!! I was such a joy to work with you and your families and I will forever hold space for those memories of how you all loved each other and played together. Thank you so much for inviting me along for the ride!!

Special thanks to…

Wedding Dress and Alterations: Latter Day Bride and The Alterations Shop

Hair and Makeup: Cultures Salon

Florist: Morgan’s Floral

Rings: Sierra-West Jewelers

Cake: Eleanor’s Cupcakes

If you are looking for a wedding photographer for your upcoming summer Ogden Utah temple wedding, I would love to talk to you! Fill out my contact form and let me know more about what you want to plan!



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