Taylor Family | Utah Fall Family Portraits

November 29, 2018

When they first met, I’m sure they had hopes and dreams and ultimately no idea what the future would hold for them. What started as a beautiful journey of two, started to grow to a journey of three. Then a journey of four. Then five, six, seven…. And they had amazing years together. How do I know? Because all they did was play together during our session. The laughing literally never stopped!! And that doesn’t just come from putting on a show for the camera, trust me, I know. It comes from years of kindness, love, compassion, time.

And then that family grew just a little more.

The first person in the Taylor family I met was Ashley! The beautiful long haired girl in a blue sweater. She was the cousin to one of my first brides. One day I had a model call that she responded to.

So out to Antelope Island we went, and freezing and muddy we left!! It was so so cold! And we just laughed! Since then, I have done 4 of her best friend’s weddings. She’s always the maid of honor and one day she’ll be the most amazing bride! And I don’t care where in the world she gets married, I’m going to be her photographer. Because I love this girl so much and would do anything for her. Even drive to Idaho last minute (I mean like 48 hour notice last minute) to photograph her cousin’s wedding because the original photographer bailed. Anything for Ashley!!! And after working with her family, I knew where all of her yummy personality goodness came from.

I was literally in tears photographing this family. Thank you, Taylor family, for showing me the kind of family relationships that I can have some day. The way you all played, laughed, joked, and hugged, was one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen in a family. It’s everything that I want. There was so much JOY and HAPPINESS!!! You all are such amazing and wonderful people and I loved every minute I got to spend with you! I wasn’t joking when I said I wanted to just come hang out with you sometime, because all of that joy and happiness was contagious and I walked away with a full and grateful heart. Thank you for sharing your family with me. I’ll always cherish the time we had together crunching leaves, dancing, teasing, and laughing.



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