The Holbrook Family | Winter Family Session

Last week I was able to give the sweetest little family a gift. The gift of preserving memories, love, childhood joy, and family.

Sandy Holbrook and her husband Thomas are the sweetest parents who have been facing some of the hardest times as they’ve learned that all three of their darling little children have an auto immune disease. Though they are all doing much better now, they’ve had To deal with internal bleeding, liver issues, esophagus pall-ups, surgeries and hours and hours of time spent at the children’s hospital.

Their doctor has said that their case is the worst seen in many years of practice, but through many tests they’ve been able to get the treatment that they need and are looking forward to many years as a family.

Despite all of their challenges, Sandy and her husband find the energy to lift and cheer others while facing this family trial with hope and love for their children and all around them.

Thomas teaches 5th grade and Sandy is an online college professor. They spend their family time finding joy in the moment, and continue to have faith, not knowing just exactly what obstacles lie ahead.

Our session was very short, with how bitter cold the weather was. The wind cut to the bone!! But despite the cold, we were able to capture all the love and joy that they share!

Dear Sandy and Thomas,

I am so grateful that we were connected through a loving and compassionate person. You two are such a profound example of faith, strength, endurance, and love. Being in your home for just a minute and seeing the way you hold and comfort your children had such an impact on me. Ever since, I’ve taken a little more time to wipe little tears, snuggle up for bedtime snuggles, and simply hold my little ones. I am so grateful you were gifted this family session to save this little moment in time. Thank you for being you and for having some of the most beautiful hearts I’ve ever been able to connect with.


Rachel Lindsey



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