The Petersons | Family Photographer in Snow Canyon, St. George Utah

May 15, 2019

I have absolutely loved working with the Peterson family and it was such a treat to be able to photograph their extended family session again this year down in Southern Utah at the beautiful Snow Canyon state park! Last year we took their family photos in a huge green field so it was really fun to switch everything up entirely!

 family portraits at snow canyon state park

When they first reached out to me, it was in hopes that I would help guide them to another wonderful photographer down in St. George since I am in northern Utah, but we quickly found a way for me to be able to join them at this beautiful location!

We knew we wanted the white rock and sand that Snow Canyon had to offer, but I don’t think any of us were really prepared for how incredibly beautiful this place really was! It was like this little oasis!! And the SAND!!! It’s the softest most luxurious sand I’ve ever played in. Before the session, me and my family just played in it for hours!

That beautiful sand also created a few challenges! One of the little girls hated it (you’ll find a photo of her dangling from her parent’s hands with her feet up) and the little boy wouldn’t stop diving into it!

Regardless though, we got amazing photos for a second year in a row!

Every time I work with people, I take something away with me. Sometimes it’s smiles, sometimes it’s peace… It always changes. But one the one thing that has impacted me the MOST about the Peterson family, is how much they love each other, how much fun they have together, and how close they are as a family. That is not something every family has! But it is certainly one of my highest priorities in life. I want my family to gather and to play!! Seeing families like this, that pull everyone together to have adventures, spend time together, and simply play.

Nobody actually lives in St. George, it was just a meeting place somewhere in the middle. But they wanted to spend some time together before on of the little families moved across the United States. So they rented a little place for them to all stay in and spent their time doing all the fun things — a dream that I have for my future.

I’m so grateful for this family and for how wonderful they are!

If you are looking for a Southern Utah family photographer for your family session, I would love to talk to you! Fill out my contact form and let me know more about what you want to plan!



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