The Startup Building Wedding in Provo | Tonya + Curt

March 30, 2022

Tonya and Curt have a special place in my heart because our paths look so similar. Being a single mom, post-divorce, always wondering what’s down the road and if you’ll ever find love again. And then you meet someone and they change your life forever in all the BEST ways—Tonya kept saying “I just can’t believe I get a second chance!!”

Curt is probably one of the most lucky inta-dads out there. He now has such a beautiful wife and three beautiful and amazing girls. He’s constantly making all of them blush with his playful personality.

Their sealing day and wedding celebration was absolutely one for the books. I could not believe how many people showed up to celebrate with them! So many friends. And after working with them, I know exactly why. They make friends every where they go and they just love everyone!

After years in the wedding industry, Tonya created a beautiful elegant and rustic wedding at the Startup Building in Provo. The emerald green and touches of gold were beautiful.



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