Whitney + Jason | Thomas S. Monson Center Wedding

June 19, 2018

Dear Whitney and Jason,

Please get remarried so I can come spend a day laughing with you and taking pictures of all the pretty things!!! Or just invite me to go rock climbing with you one of these days, I have my own gear!!

For reals though. Their wedding was a dream!! The Thomas S. Monson Center in Salt Lake City is such an incredibly beautiful venue with such beautiful and intricate architecture. It was a perfect compliment to Whitney’s simple yet elegant wedding gown and decor and they even had a quartet for their ceremony! So so perfect!!

One of my favorite moments from the day was when Jason received a special little gift from Whitney: a watch with a little note that said “Jason, I can’t wait to marry you. See you at 5:30!!!” It was such a sweet little gift. And I also loved their first look. It was perfect and tender.

It’s amazing to me what can be done on line now days. People find ways to quit their day jobs and travel the world by working on line. I hardly ever go to the store anymore because online shopping is so much easier. And now people are even finding their spouses on line!! It’s just incredible to me that people can be found and matched that way and that it works!! So here’s another Tinder-tale wedding!!

I don’t think Whitney ever knew she could laugh so much! Jason is one funny dude. At one point while I was getting some bridals of Whitney, I motioned for Jason to come join her with an element of surprise. I figured he’d walk up to her and romantically kiss her on the shoulder or something, but what he did was so perfect and so him. He got in a little crouch with spooky hands and scared the heck out of her!! So funny. Don’t miss that photo!

And if you ever need a day of coordinator, I absolutely recommend Annie. She was by far the best coordinator I have ever worked with!

Congratulations you two!!

Dress: Fantasy Bridal

Cake: Karie Folster West

Quartet: Tribeca Ensemble

Officiant: Judge Randal Skanchy

Catering: Wallaby’s Australian Smokehouse

Tuxedo: Ritz Tuxedos

Day of Coordinator: Annie Brantley

Florals and Decor: Brenda Bradshaw Bloomquist



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