Big Cottonwood Utah Winter Engagements | Keely + Bryce

January 3, 2021

Big Cottonwood Utah Winter Engagements

It was up in the snowy mountains that I first met Keely and Bryce for their Utah winter engagements. While there were many things that grabbed my attention, like their natural playfulness in front of my camera and their cheerful personalities, I was quickly drawn to the great care and regard that they had for one another. It first started with Bryce laying his coat on the ground so that Keely’s coat wouldn’t be left in the snow. Such a small act of kindness, but it spoke volumes about the kind of people that they are.

As we trod through snow, Bryce would often reach back to grab his fiancé’s had to steady her and tell her how pretty she was. Keely would just smile and giggle, lighting up his eyes even more.

And then the boots. It was time for Keely to get her cowgirl boots on. Bryce quickly got on his knees to untie her shoes and help her boots on.

It’s these little selfless acts of service and kindness to one another that creates a beautiful life. When we take the time and thought to lift another, we are lifted in return. It’s one of the most beautiful things in a relationship.

But now! It’s time for their story!

It was the night that Bryce’s grandpa was to be moved to a new assisted living center. Realizing that it was now or never, Bryce took his chances and gave his number to the cutest CNA he’d been eyeing. Of course she called him, because here we are now!

Keely and Bryce went on their first date on a hot August evening to a drive in, which was probably the first and only set of drive in movies Keely will ever stay awake through. It didn’t take long, 3 months to be exact, that they were inseparable.

After more than a year of amazing memories together, Bryce left to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in San Antonio, Texas. Though the 2 years felt like 20, they stayed in constant contact. When Bryce returned home at the end of 2020, it was better than all the Christmases combined.

It wasn’t long until they both felt that marriage was their goal, and after receiving the confirmation from the Man upstairs, Bryce proposed to Keely alone together along with one witness—Bryce’s grandpa. The man who had made the whole thing possible from the beginning.

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