It was up in the snowy Utah mountains that I first met Keely and Bryce. While there were many things that grabbed my attention, like their natural playfulness in front of my camera and their cheerful personalities, I was quickly drawn to the great care and regard that they had for one another….

I can now say that I have photographed some beautiful, natural, and fresh Utah engagements of a married couple!! Everything got flipped upside down in the world when…

When a pandemic strikes and your Utah engagement session gets postponed, there’s nothing better than being engaged and quarantined with your fiancé and best friend!

Proposing to the person you want to spend your life with is a big step in your relationship. So big, in fact, that you really want to get it right! If you’re hoping to surprise your soon-to-be spouse and bring out some heartfelt, genuine emotions (think: happy tears!), then you’ll want to make sure you […]

Back in 2014, I was practically crying as I wrote in my journal about how discouraged I was about the cost of doing photography and how I would never get good at it. You laugh at me now, but if someone told me…

This time of year is so special for so many different reasons, but I think it’s a little more special to these two! A year ago on Christmas, An asked Emily if she would be his forever. Without hesitation, she said yes. It didn’t matter that it was over video chat, or that she was on the other side of the world…

A stunning wedding nestled in the most beautiful wine country in Hillsboro, Oregon at the Twin Oaks Airpark. The whole theme of the wedding was focused on a classic, timeless feel with accents of travel and aviation.

It was a day she never thought would come, but the moment GT got down on one knee, everything seemed to freeze. She laughed in disbelief as the tears poured, she insisted he joking, and then it all set in… Since that one moment, there have been many more for this beautiful couple, building up the most amazing collection of minutes, hours, and days.




I strive to capture photographs that feel authentically you–and they should be more than an everyday snapshot. Being photographed can be a dance between who you are and the dressed-up version of who you want to be. As a mama of four littles and a bride before that, I’ve been in your shoes before. Here’s my question to you: 

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