Extended Family Photos at the Utah State Capitol | We Are Homers

Fifty years ago two young love birds promised forever to each other. And as the years passed, their love grew in ways that they probably never imagined possible. What started out as love for each other, over the years slowly grew to love for one more, and one more, and one more… Now 50 years later, all 35 of them gathered to celebrate what two people’s love created.

When someone tells you that their colors are khaki, black, and white, you’re tempted to quickly re-educate them on style and aesthetics. Especially when they want to do photographs in the Utah State Capitol. I can see it all now…. Cargo pants, black golfing tees, and plain white tee shirts in the classic luxurious MARBLE State Capitol.

So when I showed up and saw them, I was floored. Wow. Such an incredibly classy, beautiful family. The State Capitol was definitely the perfect setting for their family photos.

And I’ve just gotta say, if I could up and join someone’s family, it would be the Homers. It’s rare that you meet such an incredibly kind and funny family.



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