Can you believe that these were both taken by the same photographer?! I can hardly believe it myself. I remember how excited I was to take some photos of my friend’s newborns and I took the responsibility so seriously!! I did my very best and I was so dang proud of myself…

I spend hours every week sharing my life and photos on social media and I absolutely love it when I make connections with such beautiful people like Virginia. She’s been following me for a while now, always commenting on my photos on my business and personal account, and it was SO fun to finally meet her during…

How can I even call this work?! I can’t!! I went and laughed for an hour with some of the sweetest and kindest people! And something amazing and nearly impossible happened. We were able to…

As a photographer, one of my greatest joys has been to capture some of the amazing moments between a father and his child. I have seen grown men cry as they dance with their baby girl before passing her off to another man. I’ve watched fathers play with their children and kiss their owies better…

Fifty years ago two young love birds promised forever to each other. And as the years passed, their love grew in ways that they probably never imagined possible. What started out as love for

So many people searching for happiness in so many different places… But the thing is, happiness is not a destination!!

Anyone in need of a last minute Christmas gift?? I’ve got you covered…

It was such a fun experience to go down to Nevada to spend time with the Finlaysons. Linda and Mike have such an amazing family. While we were there we rolled tires off the mesa…




I strive to capture photographs that feel authentically you–and they should be more than an everyday snapshot. Being photographed can be a dance between who you are and the dressed-up version of who you want to be. As a mama of four littles and a bride before that, I’ve been in your shoes before. Here’s my question to you: 

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