Happiness: The Journey of a Life Time

3 Keys to Happiness:

So many people searching for happiness in so many different places…

3 keys to happiness

But the thing is, happiness is not a destination!! Thomas S. Monson said “Of this be sure: you do not find the happy life… you make it.” Happiness is a journey of a lifetime that is achieved by our own personal day to day decisions. I have three simple steps for you to help you find more cheer every day.

1. Quit Complaining

Wow… need I say more?! Maybe just a little. We all have problems, and lots of them. But the thing is, if we really look at our problems, we can easily find that they are actually good problems. A teenage girl gets asked by two people to the school dance. This is a problem and probably causes her stress, she probably complains. BUT the fact is that she still got ASKED!!! This is a good problem! Needing to buy two new lenses and only having money for one. This is a problem. A good one though because I have money to buy one! This leads me to point number 2!

3 keys to happiness

2. Be Intentionally Optimistic

This goes straight back up to number one. CHOOSE to look at things in a different light and you will find yourself more cheerful.

3 keys to happiness

3. Be Grateful

This teenage girl could feel grateful that she got asked. And in all of our situations, there is always something that we can find to be grateful for.

I guarantee that if you follow these 3 keys to happiness, you will find yourself more resilient and able to withstand adversity and you’ll have a bigger smile as your daily companion.


3 keys to happiness



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