Monika + Davin | Salt Lake City Temple Wedding and Carmelle Recption Center

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With winter comes this quiet stillness with the fallen snow, yet this tangible excitement as the holiday’s approach. We anxiously put on our sweaters, grab blankets, and hot cocoa and use the cold weather as an excuse to cozy up to the people we love. I cannot think of a more romantic time of year to get married!! Monika and Davin were married just a week ago, right in time to spend their first Christmas together!!!

After their Engagements and Formals, I was sooo excited for their wedding day! You’d never know that Davin was actually in a lot of pain on his wedding day by looking at all their photographs. The two of them were so incredibly happy. I’ll never forget the way Davin stood there, gazing at his new wife, as she got a few bridal taken. Half smiling, half laughing, yelling out “She’s so HOT!!!” Monika just stood there blushing and laughing, making for the most beautiful bridal portraits!!

One of my favorite things about Monika was how kind and loving she was. Not only to Davin, but to me and everyone around her. There is not a single bit of mean-ness in this girl. She’s basically half angel!! And I love how graceful and classy she is. Her dress was absolutely amazing and complemented her so well and her wedding colors were just as beautiful as she was, all the blush and soft pastels… Such a beautiful wedding!

The reception at the Carmelle Reception Center in Salt Lake City could not have been more perfect for her classy style. But it wasn’t the reception that made their reception so beautiful. It was all the memories that were made there.

Monika’s father sang her a beautiful song, with special connection to her middle name. It was a tender tribute to his beautiful daughter.

And that moment when Monika and Davin took the floor for their first dance. Instead of getting ready to dance, Davin grabbed Monika and started to run for the doors! It was just another one of those moments where Davin’s playful personality shone through, leaving everyone in the Carmelle Reception Center laughing. They didn’t actually leave, they really didn’t even go more than a few steps! But they sure had a good laugh about it!!

Dear Monika and Davin,

From the time that we sat down in Kneader’s to talk about your courtship to the time I snapped the last photograph of you two pretending to run off when you were really just driving around the block, I loved every minute of it. Getting to know you two as a couple was so special and fun. You are both so amazing together and I’m so grateful that you chose me to capture all these memories of you. I’ll never forget those silly moments, Davin making chicken like sounds when I asked you to look at him… we laughed so hard!! I just know you two are going to have an amazing life together and make more beautiful memories!!! Enjoy your first Christmas together!!


Rachel Lindsey


Wedding Dress and alterations: Bridal Image and Debra Christensen

Florist: Marlou

Cake: Andi Cook

Hair and Makeup Artist: NC Studio UT

Videographer: Brennan Tolman Video

Venue and Catering: The Carmelle

Tuxedo: Perfectly Suited by Garth

Rentals: Ritz Tuxedos



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