Monkia + Davin | Utah State Capitol First Look and Formals

December 8, 2018

Shifting his weight nervously from leg to leg, unsure of what to do with his hands, Davin waited semi impatiently as Monika made her way towards him. And with the touch of her hand on his shoulder, he turned around. It was as if there were several emotions competing for the stage. His eyes kept getting wider, he took her by the hand, and that’s when excitement took the stage! Stepping back with his hand to his mouth he exclaimed “You look so HOT!!! Hey everyone, this one right here, this one is MINE!!!”

And Monika just stood there smiling from ear to ear laughing. We all were.

Before their formals, Davin’s mom told me Davin would be running in circles around the family when they would try to take a family photo. When it was time to release the shutter, she’d quickly grab him, set him in place, the shutter would release, and off he would be again! From the time that he was a kid he did not like photos!! But his love for Monika transcends his dislike for photos, after all, he gave her one of the greatest gifts: memories frozen in time.

Today is their wedding day. A day that they have both been waiting for and dreaming about for years. And after find each other, this day couldn’t come fast enough!!

Their joy and laughter filled our hearts with warmth on a freezing cold December day and all I can think about is how that joy and laughter is going to radiate from them this holiday season to all those around them.

Wedding Gown: Bridal Image UT

Tuxedo: Perfectly Suited by Garth

Hair and Makeup Artist: NC Studio UT

Florist: Marlou



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